Early Childhood Department

SJCS Early Childhood Department (ECD) offers a half-day (morning and afternoon) program for children. We have three levels: Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten catering to children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Department Objectives

The Judenites who graduate from the Early Childhood Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:

Nursery Level

  • Manifest fundamental movement skills, perceptual motor skills and fine motor skills through activities and exercises;
  • Manifest sense of enjoyment and accomplishments on his/her intellectual curiosity and creativity through experiential learning of the real material world and social interactions;
  • Exhibit emergent communication skills in both English and Chinese languages;
  • Express emotions in an appropriate way and be able to relate with the feelings of others;
  • Develop healthy concepts and appreciation of self, family, community, world and God; and
  • Show habits of courtesy, respect, charity and love of God.

Kindergarten Level

  • Acquire facility in basic readiness skills in listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing and viewing in English, Filipino and Mandarin;
  • Exhibit numeracy in classifying, seriating, arranging and ordering, reflective thinking, and problem solving with the standard speed and accuracy;
  • Engage actively and responsively in extra-curricular activities and other selected meaningful experiences considering their interests and capabilities; and
  • Perform various activities in appreciation of their distinct cultural heritage.

Our curriculum is challenging and fun with an emphasis on academic readiness.  We have a two-pronged curricula: Chinese and DepEd’s K-to-12 with additional competencies. We provide a structured and conducive learning environment that allows children to learn through a mixture of activities. As we aim to develop holistically, we provide varied and meaningful programs geared towards the realization of our School vision and mission.


For Nursery

Cognitive and Language Development

Basic Education Subjects
Pre- Reading
Language Arts

Chinese Subjects
Pre- Reading
Language Arts
Number Work
Personal and Social Development
Motor Development (Fine / Gross)


For Pre-Kindergarten

Major Subjects
Language Arts
Chinese Pre-Reading
Chinese Language Arts
Chinese Number Work

Minor Subjects

Physical Education

For Kindergarten

Major Subjects

Chinese Reading
Chinese Language Arts

Minor Subjects

Physical Education
Chinese Penmanship

Mrs. Joann Kaycee Barredo, LPT, MA

English Head Teacher

English Faculty

Ms. Francel Marie D. Medina, LPT

Ms. Winnie C. Tanega, LPT

Ms. Ma. Teresa Y. Jaclyn Caro, LPT

Ms. Andrea Aileen Tanlimco, LPT

Ms. Mica M. Santos, LPT

Mrs. Nory Valencia, LPT

Mrs. Divina Malubag, LPT

Mrs. Dolores Sidon, LPT

Mrs. Ana Leah Orseno, LPT, MA

Ms. Lira C. Vendiola, LPT

Mrs. Nathalie Joyce Chun

Chinese Head Teacher

Chinese Faculty

Mrs. Agnes Samantha Co

Mrs. Juvy See Toledo

Mrs. Sally Abella Yu

Mrs. Janet See Tan

Ms. Elaine Lee Tan

Ms. Caren Jennefer Sy

Mrs. Lily So Ng

Mrs. Mary Ong Lim

Ms. Tephanie Basa Ong Tan

Mrs. Ling Ling Ching Ongkinglok


  • Nursery Family Day


  • Pre-Kindergarten Family Day


  • Nursery Field Trip
  • Nursery Teachers Day Program
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers’ Day Program
  • Mid-Autumn Festival “Dice Game”


  • Pre-Kindergarten Field Trip


  • Chinese Coloring Contest (Elimination Round)
  • Kindergarten Kiddie Career
  • Chinese Coloring Contest (Final Round)
  • Basic Education Math Quiz Bee (Elimination Round)
  • Chinese Drawing Contest (Elimination Round)
  • Basic Education Math Quiz Bee (Final Round)


  • Nursery Christmas Program
  • Basic Education Penmanship Contest (Elimination Round)
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Christmas Program
  • Chinese Drawing Contest (Final Round)


  • Pre-Kindergarten Kiddie Talent
  •  Kindergarten Chinese Penmanship Contest
  • Basic Education Penmanship Contest(Final Round)
  • Chinese Story Telling Contest (Elimination Round)
  • Basic Education Spelling Contest (Elimination Round)
  • Kindergarten Chinese Writing Contest (Elimination round)
  • Basic Education Spelling Contest (Final Round)
  • Kindergarten Chinese Writing Contest (Final Round)
  • Chinese Story Telling Contest (Final Round)
  • Basic Education Singing Contest


  • Kindergarten Field Trip
  • Recognition Day
  • Chinese New Year Celebration


  • Nursery Moving Up Day
  • Thanksgiving Mass
  • Kindergarten  Moving Up Day

Student Clubs

The Early Childhood Department provides quality education through a holistic approach that ensures the full development of each learner. Aside from providing a challenging curricular program, it also offers activities or avenues that help bring out the innate talents of the learners. Currently, ECD- Basic Education has Glee Club for those with inclination in singing, and Dance Club, for those interested in dancing.

For this school year, the Glee Club will be handled by the following club moderators: Mrs. Osbual, Mrs. Luna, Mrs. Valencia, Ms. Potente , Mrs. Reututar and Ms. Dinio. On the other hand, the official choreographer of the Dance Club is Mr. Adrian Carpio. He will be assisted by the following teachers – Mrs. Sayo, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Tanlimco and Ms. Licudine.

To promote the unique Chinese cultural heritage to the students, the Early Childhood Chinese Department, conversely, provides extra-curricular activities through Chinese songs and dance performances. For the Kindergarten afternoon session, the Chinese Glee club is handled by the Chinese teachers: Wu lao shi; Zhang lao shi; Lin lao shi; Ding lao shi; Chen lao shi and Li lao shi. Meanwhile, for the afternoon Pre-Kindergarten session, the Chinese Dance club is handled by the Chinese teachers: Su lao shi; Cai lao shi; Shi lao shi; Chen lao shi; Wang lao shi and Pang lao shi.

News and Events on Early Childhood Department