Elementary Department

The Elementary Department aims to strike a productive  balance in the primary life of its pupils – develop them holistically by allowing their fundamental faculties of thinking, feeling and willing to embrace the goodness, beauty and truth in the world through varied learning experiences guided by the Gospel values.

“The essence of our effort to see that every child has a chance
must be to assure each 
an equal opportunity, not to
become equal 
but to become different-to realize whatever
unique potential of 
body,mind and spirit he or she possesses”

                                                                                    – John Fischer

Department Objectives

Judenites who graduate from the Elementary Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:

  • Possess the basic knowledge and foundation skills, attitudes, and values essential to child’s personal development and necessary to prepare them for secondary education;
  • Communicate effectively in English, Filipino and Mandarin;
  • Develop the ability to think and express oneself proficiently, critically and creatively in both academic and life situations;
  • Make gospel values the norm for desirable behavior and attitudes;
  • Use technology responsibly for learning, communication and enjoyment;
  • Take part in activities that develop multiple intelligences;
  • Engage in school and nationwide drives that develop constructive and conservational attitude toward earth’s resources;
  • Be involved in endeavors fostering harmonious relationship among various groups, particularly Chinese-Filipino.

Basic Education Program

Mathematics, Science, English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Religion, Music, Physical Education, Computer Education

Chinese Program

Chinese Language

To cultivate students ‘ basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and flexible application in everyday life.



Chinese Reading

To develop students ‘ reading and comprehension skills, good moral character and noble personality, integrate values in order to take pride in their unique cultural heritage, assists students in self –development ,social awareness and protection of the environment.

培養學生閱讀和理解能力、優良品德及高尚人格,以悠久的中華文化傳授學生,具備實際生活的能力, 協助學生自我發展、社會參與、保護環境。


Chinese Composition

To train students to apply what they learned and the correct usage of words to construct good sentences,    to express their thoughts in the form of writing.



Work Education

To develop students’ creativity and showcase their artistic skills in order to appreciate Chinese culture.


Chinese Penmanship

To help students remember Chinese words, understand the basic strokes ,the correct stroke order and their structures.

為了協助學生認識鞏固並牢記所學的漢字,從基本筆畫,按正確的筆順書寫,了解字的結構, 體會中華文字之美。


To help students develop students’ drawing skills and creativity


Mrs. Digna Pagapong, LPT, MAT

Elementary Basic Education Head Teacher
Subject Area Supervisors
Mathematics Ms. Leilani G. Martin
English Ms. Sophia C. Cailan
Science Mrs. Precilla Anne O. Lopez
Filipino Mr. Ritcher B. Diaz
Social Studies Mrs. Karla M. Ilagan
(Esp) Religion Mrs. Mary Chris T. Ramos
Computer Education Mrs. Maria Roselle S. Quito
PE/Health/Music (PEHM) Ms. Hazel Eunice L. Carmen
Faculty Roster
Grade 1A Ms. Michelle S. Mañebog
Grade 1B Ms. Maria Ana Pauline M. Cruz
Grade 1C Ms. Jeanne Marielle S. Orallo
Grade 1D Ms. Ana Marie M. Zambale
Grade 1E Mrs. Maria Ronna F. Sayo
Grade 1F Ms. Mia Gisella I. Cleofe
Grade 2A Ms. Rosalyn I. Navarra
Grade 2B Ms. Ma. Luisa Cassandra B. Binayug
Grade 2C Ms. Alexis Denielle B. Valdez
Grade 2D Mrs. Maria Fatima D. Bautista
Grade 2E Ms. Rosemarie S. Tan
Grade 2F Ms. Mary Hyacinth T. Maingat
Grade 3A Ms. Janice D. Reguindin
Grade 3B Mr. Reynold D. Pimentel
Grade 3C Mrs. Kris Camille J. Aragon
Grade 3D Ms. Jessica Amanda S. Andrade
Grade 3E Mrs. Lejani Grace D. Aquino
Grade 3F Mr. Vincent Erickson L. Bucud
Grade 3G Ms. Shamarre Joy L. Delas Alas
Grade 4A Ms. Rosemarie S. de Chavez
Grade 4B Ms. Mariel D. De Guzman
Grade 4C Ms. Shiela Marie R. Manalo
Grade 4D Mrs. Rachelle Gay A. Evangelista
Grade 4E Ms. Joanna May B. Soliman
Grade 5A Mrs. Ericka Luie V. Silleza
Grade 5B Ms. Michelle Ann Q. Agustin
Grade 5C Ms. Angelica Mae P.  Flores
Grade 5D Mr. Jonathan L. Nacino
Grade 5E Mr. Gerard A. Crisologo
Grade 6A Mrs. Beverly G. Galang
Grade 6B Mr. Bren Jansen T. Sangalang
Grade 6C Ms. Alenna C. Pastrana
Grade 6D Ms. Betty Marie T. Mijares
Grade 6E Ms. Mae Amor C.  Terante
Grade 6F Ms. Gemmalyn C. Priela
Non Advisers
Science 4/PCO Officer Mr. Mike Gregory D. Charles
Religion 1-2 & Spiritual Wellness Ms. Liezel P. Macomb
Religion 5-6 & Spiritual Wellness Mr. Dave B. Blanza
PEHM 1-2 & Recreational Wellness Ms. Roxanne Richelle D. Eliarda
PEHM 3-4 & Recreational Wellness Mr. John Mark Santos
PEHM 5-6 & Recreational Wellness Mr. Ray Justin B. Cornelio
Computer 1-2 & Recreational Wellness Mr. Jordan V. Dela Cruz
Computer 3-4 & Recreational Wellness Mr. Champ Jason T. Tiaoson
Computer 5-6 Ms. Renelyn H. Orozco

莊麗華主任 Ms. Myra Ching, LPT, EdD

Elementary Chinese Head Teacher
Chinese Office Coordinator 陳寶珍 師 總組長

Ms. Catherine C. Tan

Grade 1A 柯名霜 師 Ms. Maybelline Joy D. Koa
Grade 1B 柯名霜 師 Ms. Maybelline Joy D. Koa
Grade 1C 陳欣欣 師 Mrs. Kemmy T. Wong
Grade 1D 陳欣欣 師 Mrs. Kemmy T. Wong
Grade 1E 洪美美 師 Ms. Marilou Y. Ang
Grade 1F 洪美美 師 Ms. Marilou Y. Ang
Grade 2A 王雅煌 師 Mrs. Karina O. Ching
Grade 2B 王雅煌 師 Mrs. Karina O. Ching
Grade 2C 許蓁容 師 Ms. Janet C. Co
Grade 2D 蔡佩如 師 Ms. Angelita Emily A. Go
Grade 2E 劉娟娟 師 Ms. Grace O. Lao
Grade 2F 劉娟娟 師 Ms. Grace O. Lao
Grade 3A 盧美菁 師 Mrs. Jeannie L. Zhuang
Grade 3B 盧美菁 師 Mrs. Jeannie L. Zhuang
Grade 3C 莊明明 師 Mrs. Evelyn C. Ko
Grade 3D 莊明明 師 Mrs. Evelyn C. Ko
Grade 3E 丁麗質 師 Ms. Maria Rosario Ting
Grade 3F 林主荃 師  Ms. Elaine Frances L. Dizon
Grade 3G 姚錦聰 師 Mrs. Matilde Y. Tan
Grade 4A 施琳琳 師 Mrs. Jocelyn S. Wang
Grade 4B 施琳琳 師 Mrs. Jocelyn S. Wang
Grade 4C 許娜緻 師 Mrs. Natividad A. Uy
Grade 4D 陳益欽 師 Mrs. Chen Yiqin
Grade 4E 陳益欽 師 Mrs. Chen Yiqin
Grade 5A 陰麗華 師 Mrs. Lilian T. Tan
Grade 5B 陰麗華 師 Mrs. Lilian T. Tan
Grade 5C 張馨元 師 Ms. Zhang Xin Yuan
Grade 5D 張馨元 師 Ms. Zhang Xin Yuan
Grade 5E 陳孟權 師 Mr. Romeo C. Tan
Grade 6A 陳雅慧 師 Ms. Doris S.  Tan
Grade 6B 陳雅慧 師 Ms. Doris S. Tan
Grade 6C 吳麗影 師 Mrs. Ramon Jao N. Lai Ying
Grade 6D 吳麗影 師 Mrs. Ramon Jao N. Lai Ying
Grade 6E 傅莉娜 師 Mrs. Lina F. Maniquis
Grade 6F 傅莉娜 師 Mrs. Lina F. Maniquis