Junior High School

The High School Department offers a top notch and holistic secondary education that utilizes the best of traditional instruction vis a vis the new pedagogical trends today, both in its Chinese and English curriculum, in order to prepare its graduates for tertiary education and ultimately, to equip them for life. Its Junior High School, (Grades 7 to 10) operates as a regular day school, from 7:15 am to 4:15 pm.

Department Objectives

The Judenites who graduate from the High School Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:

  • The Judenites who graduate from the High School Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies: demonstrate invaluable academic foundation through an enhanced curriculum- the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum of the Department of Education with an integration of the study of the Chinese language and culture- which will give them a competitive edge as they prepare for higher education;
  • Meet the challenges of the globally competitive society through Christian values and balanced curricula;
  • Imbibe the spiritual and moral aspects of the Catholic education through the SVD charisms manifested in the value of community service;
  • Share and exhibit their potentials and skills in leadership as well as in responsible and productive citizenry;
  • Communicate proficiently in English, Filipino and Mandarin;
  • Exhibit pride in their unique Filipino-Chinese cultural heritage enhanced through the relevant curricula and significant extra-curricular activities and programs; and
  • Live out respect for other cultures and for the dignity of the human person.

Basic Education Program





Araling Panlipunan

Religion and Character Formation


Physical Education

Computer Education





Physical Education


Chinese Program

Chinese Language

Chinese Composition


TLE / Computer Education


English Head Teacher

Ms. Helen Torrecampo, LPT, MA

Subject Area Coordinators

Mr. Jerome Escubil, LPT – Science

Mrs. Genalyn Alfonso, LPT, MA – English

Mr. Christian Canonoy, LPT – Mathematics

Mrs. Derly Catama, LPT – Filipino

Mrs. Mary Chris Ramos, LPT– Religion & Character Education

Mrs. Maria Roselle S. Quito, LPT, MS– Computer Education

Mr. Nazareno P. Bautista, LPT – Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health (MAPEH)

English Faculty

Ms. Cherry Mae Ablan, LPT
Mr. Jose Paolo Alcantara, PhD
Ms. Jessica Amanda Andrade, LPT
Ms. Kimberly Aplasca, LPT
Mr. Joel Benavidez, LPT
Ms. Kimberly Billones, LPT
Ms. Triskal Buenaflor, LPT, MA
Mr. John Kenneth Bugal, LPT
Ms. Ma Luisa Caduan, LPT
Ms. Hazel Eunice Carmen, LPT
Ms. Angelica Cerillo, LPT
Ms. Eunice Marie Franz Ching, LPT
Mr. Edmund Celemente, LPT
Mr. Gerard Crisologo, LPT
Mr. Bryan Theil de Leon, LPT
Ms. Marjorie Ces del Rosario, LPT
Mrs. Juneldalette dela Rosa, LPT
Ms. Jonnabel Estoque, LPT
Mr. Jett Patrick Fajilagutan, LPT
Mr. Camilo Gelido, LPT
Mr. John Vincent Gonzales, LPT
Ms. Elizabeth Gurango, LPT
Ms. Daphne Huang
Ms. Ma. Sharlaine Hular, LPT
Ms. Hanna Kareena Javier, LPT
Mr. Rocky Laurel, PhD
Mr. Jude Mariano, MPM
Ms. Maria Francesca Martin, LPT
Ms. Thelma Mendez, LPT, MA
Mr. Rommel Angelo Mendoza, LPT
Ms. Catherine Moreno, MBA
Ms. Gian May Morgado, LPT
Ms. Keziah Mari Noguera, LPT
Ms. Renelyn Orozco, LPT
Ms. Shermila Pagui, LPT
Ms. Abigail Pascual, LPT
Ms. Paulyne Joanne Pascual, LPT
Mr. Elsewhere Perez, MBA
Mr. Jay R Rafael, LPT
Ms. Christelle Rivero, LPT
Mr. Ewygene Templonuevo, MA
Ms. Anna Margarita Tuazon, LPT, MA
Mr. Eduardo Tungul III, LPT
Ms. Maricel Tuzon
Mr. Mark Gil Vega, LPT, MA
Ms. Merlie Joy Villanueva, LPT
Ms. Andrea Jean Yasoña, LPT
Ms. Bianca Yumul, LPT

Chinese Head Teacher

Ms. Or Hau Lai 

Chinese Faculty

Mrs. Chen Chyong Ju

Ms. Dang Qiyun

Mr. Fei Hong Bin

Ms. Jin Cui

Ms. Liu Ziqi

Mrs. Pan Chiu Hua Liu

Mrs. Wu-Tang Yan Wen

Mrs. Yang-Wu Xiu Xiu

Ms. Zhou Xioya

Mr. Zhang Yong

Mrs. Cheng Hui Sheng

Ms. Lin Qing Qing

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