Junior High School

The High School Department offers a top notch and holistic secondary education that utilizes the best of traditional instruction vis a vis the new pedagogical trends today, both in its Chinese and English curriculum, in order to prepare its graduates for tertiary education and ultimately, to equip them for life. Its Junior High School, (Grades 7 to 10) operates as a regular day school, from 7:15 am to 4:15 pm.

Department Objectives

The Judenites who graduate from the High School Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies:

  • The Judenites who graduate from the High School Department of Saint Jude Catholic School are expected to manifest the following competencies: demonstrate invaluable academic foundation through an enhanced curriculum- the Enhanced K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum of the Department of Education with an integration of the study of the Chinese language and culture- which will give them a competitive edge as they prepare for higher education;
  • Meet the challenges of the globally competitive society through Christian values and balanced curricula;
  • Imbibe the spiritual and moral aspects of the Catholic education through the SVD charisms manifested in the value of community service;
  • Share and exhibit their potentials and skills in leadership as well as in responsible and productive citizenry;
  • Communicate proficiently in English, Filipino and Mandarin;
  • Exhibit pride in their unique Filipino-Chinese cultural heritage enhanced through the relevant curricula and significant extra-curricular activities and programs; and
  • Live out respect for other cultures and for the dignity of the human person.

Basic Education Program





Araling Panlipunan

Religion and Character Formation


Physical Education

Computer Education





Physical Education


Chinese Program

Chinese Language

Chinese Composition


TLE / Computer Education


English Head Teacher

Mrs. Rea Villaruel, LPT, MA

Subject Area Supervisors

Ms. Bianca Yumul, LPT – Science

Mr. Jonathanh Hubilla, LPT – English

Mr. Bryan Thiel De Leon, LPT – Mathematics

Ms. Kimberly Billones, LPT – Filipino, Social Science

Mr. Jett Patrick Failagutan, LPT– Religion & Character Education

Mr. Jordan Dela Cruz, LPT, – Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

Ms. Hazel Eunice Carmen, LPT – Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health (MAPEH)

English Faculty

Mr. Edward Gabon

Ms. Shella Cabal

Mr. John Carlo Estonilo

Ms. LJ Carano-o

Mr. Jerome Morales

Mr. Carl Fermil Aguinaldo

Mr. Renold Tarriela

Mr. Andrei Tolentino

Ms. Nasreen Al-Fardy

Mr. John Robbie De Leon

Ms. Justine Olaguera

Ms. Elizabeth Gurango

Ms. Kintana Soloria

Mrs. Maria Luisa Caduan

Ms. Christine Ann Dacanay

Ms. Marjorie Ces Del Rosario

Ms. Helen Torrecampo

Mr. Rommel Angelo Mendoza

Mr. Ferdinand Rondon

Mrs. Clarence Ann Vergara

Mr. James Ilao

Ms. Abigail Pascual

Mr. Edmond Clemente

Mr. Angelo Mamis

Ms. Andrea Yasona

Ms. Merlie Joy Villanueva

Mrs. Maricel T. Ingoy

Mr. Matthew Benedict Cortez

Mrs. Arianne Sabio

Mr. Xyrus Angelo Rodriguez

Mr. Samuel Dave Layson

Mrs. Christelle Rocha

Mrs. Jonnabel Estoque

Ms. Liza Fuentes

Mrs. Maria Roselle Quito

Mrs. Yang-Wu Xiu Xiu, MA

High School Chinese Head Teacher

Chinese Faculty

Romeo C. Tan 陳孟權

Zhang Yong 張勇

 Chen Jin Ming 陳津明

Zhang Hao Bo 張浩博

Zhan Jing Ye 展靜業

Ma Miao 馬淼

Song Fei 宋菲

Rea Lu 盧亞蕾

Nan Jiang Yun南江雲

Lu Yan陸艷

Liu Hong Yan劉紅燕

Tang Yan Wen 湯燕雯

Ma Jing Biao馬經標

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