Saint Jude Catholic School provides its employees with compensation and benefit package that is competitive in the education industry and that address individual’s concerns following the rules of fairness and equity.

Faculty Remuneration
Summer Teaching Load Pay
Honorarium for those with administrative functions

Benefits Mandated by Law [Legislated Benefits]
Paternity Leave
Parental Leave for Solo Parents
Battered Women Leave
Special Leave Benefits for Women
13th Month Pay

Benefits Provided by Saint Jude Catholic School
Free Lunch and Snacks
Longevity Pay
Percentage Bonus for Academic and Non-Academic Personnel
Scholarship Grant for Children of School Personnel in SJCS
Teacher’s Day Benefit / Labor Day Red Envelope
Uniform Material
Attendance Bonus
Christmas Bonus
Family Christmas Meal Package
Economic Assistance Bonus
Medical Insurance
Medical & Dental Services
Service Awards
Sick/Vacation Leave
Christmas and Summer Vacation
Employee Development Program
Maternity Leave
A Special Privilege of One-Year Sick Leave Without Pay
Scholarship Grant for Studies/Skills Training
Study Leave
Special Trainings and Seminars
Graduate Studies Pay and Completion Gift
Performance Incentives
Efficiency Rating for Academic and Non-Academic Personnel
Free School Bus Service