Office of the Human Resource (OHR)

The Office of the Human Resource aims to do its best in the furtherance of the School’s commitment to excellence, working towards better quality service to the Judenite community and one with all in living out the School’s motto, “Witnessing to the Word in the world.”

Furthermore, the Office envisions that Saint Jude Catholic School is truly a school that cares and lovingly responds to the needs of its human resources by providing the following services:

  1. Hiring and Recruitment
  2. Training and Development
  3. Employee Benefits
  4. Wellness Program
  5. Appraisal System
  6. Retirement and Termination

OHR Personnel

MR. JOSEPH EPISTOLA [Local Number 240]
Hiring and Recruitment
Wellness Program
Training and Development
Retirement and Termination

Psychometrician Appraisal
System Administration of Standardized Test to Students
Liaison Officer
Employee Benefits
HMO Filing and Updating of Employee Records
Foreign Employees Correspondent

MR. SEAN SOLOMON CHENG [Local Number 188]
OHR Staff Employees’ Daily Time Record (DTR)
Assists in the Wellness, Training and Development Programs

We are in need of competent, qualified professionals for School Year 2019-2020.

ECD Teacher (Substitute)

Property Management Clerk

At least 3rd year BSBA student

This position is project-based.

Licensed Librarian

Saint Jude Catholic School – Ongking Learning Resource Center is looking for a service-oriented librarian who will help faculty and students identify and implement library resources in the conduct of meaningful research projects and incorporate library resources into the learning management system in a way that enhances the student learning experience.

One who is

· passionate about empowering students to master information literacy and research methods so that they can succeed in the 21st century workplace.

· excited about exploring ways to innovate beyond the typical school library.

· a lifelong learner who keeps up with the latest trends in library & information science and strives to be an expert in the field.

· proactive about developing his/her skills in order to improve the quality of library and research services in the Center.

· a leader and advocate for information literacy competency across all programs in the School.

Responsibilities include:

1. Order materials (may include course materials for faculty), add items to catalog, serve as initial point of contact for library, including all research and information requests.
2. Work with academic heads to effectively evaluate and select online journals.
Recommend and manage school-wide access to online library subscriptions and/or databases.
3. Incorporate digital library resources into the School website.
4. Develop and assess opportunities for student learning of information literacy within their program of study.
5. Partner with faculty to formulate research projects in their courses that will require library resources.
6. Assist students and faculty with conducting research and publishing their work.
7. Lead workshops and instructional sessions on research methods, library research, citing sources, plagiarism, copyright, etc.
8. Collaborate on and/or lead relevant student activities.
9. Stay current with developments in information science, research methods, digital literacy, etc., especially pertaining to the subject areas of engineering, computer science, technology, and business.
10 Other duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor’s degree in Library & Information Science
2. Passed the Licensure Examination for Librarians
3. Proven leadership and teamwork skills
4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
5. Demonstrated customer service skills
6. Excellent computer skills using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,
as well as knowledge of EOS.Web or other cloud-based integrated library system
7. Must be comfortable working in a busy, customer-facing environment with multiple interruptions.

Contact Information:

Office of the Human Resource
2/F Administrative Office, Administrative Building,
Saint Jude Catholic School
327 Ycaza St., San Miguel, Manila

Trunk Line Numbers: 735.6386 / 733.2325

Local Numbers: 240 / 187 / 188

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Office Hours:
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