The Learning Resource Center houses information materials like  books, periodicals and academic journals. It also includes audio-visual materials and  equipment and teaching and learning aids. As such, it helps in developing the research skills of students. It is also a center for information materials production.


The Learning Resource Center strives to support and enrich the Saint Jude Catholic School (SJCS) curriculum, as well as to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which members of the School community can successfully seek information and ideas for their educational, informational, and recreational needs.


The Learning Resource Center supports and enhances the School’s core values of excellence, commitment, discipline, service, and Christ-centeredness by:

• selecting and providing a range of interesting and inspiring library resources and other materials in a variety of formats
• managing resources effectively and to promote their use actively
• supporting the School community’s information needs
• supporting reading and related activities for leisure and individual interest
• increasing knowledge and appreciation of Chinese-Filipino cultural heritage by way of museum and archival works

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Learning Resource Center Personnel

Ms. Joyce Cababat, RL

Head Librarian

Mr. Cristan Fernando Ileto


Mr. Jose Jerry dela Rosa

AVR Coordinator